Unusual teachers


It is a remarkable experience to spend time with total strangers and more perplexing is how they are so loving and caring.

So unusual to feel so peaceful.. Sometimes it’s in the air and surrounding around us..

Maybe being in the vicinity of the main temple dedicated to the dobhi tree where Buddha was enlightened has its effect on ones psych. The journey was supposed to take me on an adventure and yes there is no denying that I had an one but a very peaceful and infinitely soothing.

Initially the nuns whom I was to teach seem to be very shy and introverts. This was to change spontaneously within the next few hours. All of them were a totally unique and transformed individuals.  Caring and forever respecting me. Each of my small need was taken care without being asked for.

I confess I was taking a bit of pride in my task of being a volunteer to teach them. Alas! In the end it was just the opposite.

I learned heaps of new thing from those so naive looking nuns. Cooking for community, cleaning, working hard,study :not for job but for knowledge and much more.

Most important were the valuable lessons in humbleness and tolerance. It was so heart wrenching to hear how they would travel back to himalayas. Enduring a five day journey in which the last day was walking in snow with young nuns on the back for six to seven hours. For what just to reach their gompa.

This I thought was torturous but the nuns were cool about it. Not a single complaint. And I had all the issues with lifting my luggage to reach the aeroplane..  So very lethargic…

Surely there was something in the lives of nuns about which they had negative feelings.? Even after asking in many different ways and different days not a single one had any…

Offcourse they are children at heart so despite being nuns a continuous laughter and running around was heard in the lobby.

I all rather that teaching it was a learning experience.

To be cherished


Being Happy

Recently I had an opportunity to travel DSC_0516to the majestic himalayan state of Sikkim. The surroundings and it’s people were truly reflected the core of Buddhism. Atleast the ones whom I came across beamed with happiness.

Terrain was rough and hardship were ample in their lives. Food was simple and clothing was only sufficient to keep them warm. This made me ponder as to what makes this lot a happier one compared to me. My situation is much better in terms of location and materialist belongings.

What was keeping me away from the so sought after containment and peace.

The answer was with a young girl leaving in remote area of lachung. High up in himalayas. She is from Nepal. She is putting up with a local family as a helping hand for them. At the same time she is attending a vocational training course of carpet weaving. Through which she gets a stipend of 1500. Rupees. She lost her mom at young age and father send her to this place. It takes approximately 24 hours to reach her home in Nepal.

The moment I met her I was already in awe of her charming smile and bright sparkling eyes. Sheseemed to be so very happy. Despite going through hardships and distance from home.Talking with her I came to know about her loss of mother and how she sends the stipend to her family back in Nepal. 

Today I am back home fully surrounded with luxuries and lavish comforts

Still am I happy, am I contained,am I really at peace as the girl from sikkim was.

To my great surprise I am. Happy,at peace,in harmony with my surrounding.

Thanks to the girl from sikkim. She shared her secret of her faith in buddha. It was simple but interesting. She said what has she to be sad, when she was so sure that buddha was watching over her and he already had calculated the sum of her karma.which she is bound to go through. So there was nothing to worry about in life.

So now I know the art of being happy too.









nothing is permanent

Unusual how ever hard you try to detach especially from people, you still feel the pain when its time to depart. You go through plans and months of training and ofcourse strong will power still, it hurts whe you depart. You suddenly start thinking very seriously about the good time you spend and if will get another chance again to be together. Your only wish is you get some more time, one more day. Looking back at the journey its only nostalgic most memorable one. Many will go and many will come for we got to accept that nothing is permanent……butthe memories you leave behind.

interactions teach you many things

A simple word interaction in itself is a combination of two words inter and action. Our first intetaction is with our patents and their contribution toward building our personality is tremondous. Mother enhances the mystic concept of feminism in an individual and father ensures the growth of masculine concepts. This is as per the hindu mythological idea of each individual having both emotional aspects in them. Siblings also contibute in many way like teaching sharing and caring for each other. I have no siblings so my parents tried to give me space with cousins and friends who went a long way in teaching me many things. Friends came and went but each of them taught a special lesson , unique and subtle in its own way. Then came the phase of having a spouse,which teaught the most important lesson of letting go of things for relationship.ofcouse it comes with perks too. You get benefits of companionship and comforts of being pampered especislly after fights. Eventually this relations paved way for most extraordinary transformation which only women have a privilage to. I became a mother. First it made me special second I started respecting my mom more then ever for now I knew how much she must have given up gor my sake. Becoming a mother also made me more compassionate and sensitive to nature. I dont think any other experience is going to be as fulfilling as this one. On the professional side my collegues and others taught me to accept that I am not a job material and with all the heart I would thank them I dared to walk on a road not taken and idea of swayam proceeded. My stength and stamina is replenished every day by the students with whom I interact. I have changed in many ways very profoundly because of them. These are some of the people who you chossed to be with or by accident of birth. Apart from them there are some people who teach you the most valuable lesson of your life, unconditional support. Who would almost quit all the activities and be next you, next to your fathers death bed till the end. Yes these are the people who are to be cherised they are not related to you they are there because of some good karma and they taught me to be there when you are needed the most. Its not just the interaction with people but with many otherthings in envirnoment which taught me lessons of survivg in most adverse conditions. Injuered birds, stray dogs and plants have so much to offer. And you never know a teacher can be in any form for……interactions teach you many things.

too late and now only regret

My encounter with death began at the age of 28 and everr since it has taught me several lessons.Some of the lessons were life changing and some of them changed my relationship status with many. Yestreday death crossed my path again this time taking away with it a very valuable person whom I loved but here comes the hitch, however valuable this person was I had not forgotten or forgive a very silly and now a semingly trival matter that had happened between us. How unusual at the funeral standing next to the dead body I remembered only the good things that this person had offered me in my life. What ever wrong was already taken by the departing soul with it and I could not understand why I did not forgetten and forgiven what was past and why simply did not see that all I needed to do wss to get back to her……and now i only realise its too late and only thing left is to regret.
Lesson learnt is forget and forgive till the person is alive otherwise carry the burden for life time.